About us

Objectives of the Exhibition are:

  1. To encourage innovative companies to make fruitful contacts and discover new markets.
  2. To demonstrate achievements of national and foreign companies operating in the field of bioeconomy and to promote investment in this promising field of economy.
  3. To raise awareness and competitive advantage of regional products and services.
  4. To promote social innovation and the development of social business in regions of Lithuania.
  5. To disseminate information on EU support measures that support innovation and strengthen the cooperation between science and business.

Topics of the Exhibition

  • Agricultural technology and technology innovations.
  • Environmental care and environmental innovations.
  • Innovative use of bioresources.
  • Healthy and safe food.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Examples of social innovation and social business.
  • Recreation possibilities in regions of Lithuania.
  • Consulting services and public support for innovation development.